3rd Black Sea Ports and Shipping 2014

The Marmara Taksim Hotel, Istanbul
Sep 3 2014 - Sep 4 2014

The 3rd Black Sea Ports and Shipping 2014 will comprise both a world-class display consisting of 30 international business leaders responsible for global transport and logistics and will be attended by more than 300 senior executives from the world’s leading ports, shippers, cargo owners, shipping lines, freight forwarders, logistics companies, terminal operators, railway operators and port-rail equipment services suppliers.

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5th Annual Conference on DREDGING IN INDIA

The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai
Sep 3 2014 - Sep 4 2014

The mission of the conference is to provide an update on the key trends and development, examine the recent government initiatives, discuss the key issues and challenges, and highlight the opportunities in the sector. The conference will also showcase noteworthy projects and technology solutions.

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River Flow 2014

EPFL, Lausanne
Sep 3 2014 - Sep 5 2014

The conference intends to create an environment for reflection, discussion and exchange of knowledge regarding fluvial hydraulics and river morphology. It is an opportunity to meet, to discuss and to learn about the interaction between water, sediments and structures in natural or built environments. The conference offers scientific presentations, site visits and master classes given by experts from different countries. It further aims to link science with river engineering practice.

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Side Scan Training

Tampa, FL
Sep 5 2014 -

The class will focus on processing techniques using HYSCAN and GEOCODER, and will cover sonar theory, side-scan acquisition and targeting in HYSCAN.

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World Port Days

Port of Rotterdam, Rotterdam
Sep 5 2014 - Sep 7 2014

The World Port Days traditionally takes place around the Maas River. This World Port event gives insight in Europe’s largest harbor. A wide range of activities is offered to the visitors. There are spectacular stunts on the water and fully organized excursions to one of the many companies located in Rotterdam. During the World Port Days visitors can get a glimpse behind the scenes of the largest harbor of Europe and its industrial area. This large, annual maritime event offers all kind of activities such as ship tours, naval activities, demonstrations, seminars, excursions, exhibitions, music and fireworks.

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Introduction to coastal processes and management

Wallingford, UK
Sep 9 2014 - Sep 10 2014

This two-day course will introduce methods used in designing and planning coastal engineering and management schemes. The risks of coastal flooding and erosion, both in the UK and overseas, will increase as existing man-made defences such as flood embankments and seawalls deteriorate and as a result of sea level rise due to global warming. There are many pressures to develop land close to the sea, and to use its natural resources, for example to provide minerals and renewable energy. However there are constraints on public spending and a growing awareness of the need to preserve the natural coastal environment and to ensure that its management is sustainable.

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3rd Marine & Coastal Engineering Summit

Intercontinental Doha, Doha
Sep 14 2014 - Sep 17 2014

Many of the 35 major ports in the GCC are undergoing expansion to handle a bigger capacity which reflects the ever-growing nature of this industry, and the shift in the direction of trade taking place between the GCC and the world. An estimated allocation of US$36 billion to develop the port infrastructure in the GCC has made it the most attractive region in the world for investment in port developments.

Given the exciting recent developments in the region, the 3rd Marine & Coastal Engineering Summit is taking place from 14-17 September 2014 at the InterContinental Hotel, Doha. This summit will promote discussions to facilitate on time delivery of durable and sustainable marine and port structures.

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Lingotto Conference Centre, Torino
Sep 15 2014 - Sep 19 2014

In the next few years, major effects over territorial planning and infrastructures will be due to the global change particularly evident in extreme climate regions. Climate changes also affects natural processes related to slope dynamics, water courses, coastal and marine environments: all these phenomena are case studies for Engineering Geology.

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Oceans/MTS 2014 Conference

St. Johns, NL
Sep 15 2014 - Sep 19 2014

HYPACK(r) will be attending the Oceans/MTS 2014 conference held on September 14th – 19th in St. Johns, NL. Please come visit us to learn more about the latest HYPACK(r) 2014 features.

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Public Forum – U.S. Port Congestion: Examining Causes, Impact on Stakeholders, and Exploring Possible Solutions

Port of Los Angeles Administration Building, San Pedro
Sep 15 2014 -

Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Mario Cordero will hold a forum titled, “U.S. Port Congestion: Examining Causes, Impact on Stakeholders, and Exploring Possible Solutions.” The forum’s goal is to promote dialogue on the causes and implications of congestion at U.S. ports. Industry stakeholders, regulators, and the general public are encouraged to take part.

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