Kenya: Mombasa Port Development Project Runs Ahead of Schedule

The Mombasa Port expansion project is running ahead of schedule, reports Construction Business Review.

Principal Civil Engineer David Amadi stressed the project, which includes the construction of a new cargo berth and dredging at the Kilindini channel, is set to be ready next month ahead of the planned completion in August this year.

The dredging exercise when completed will increase the depth of the access channel and widen it to 300 meters at its narrowest point to enable the docking of larger vessels,” Mr. Amadi said, adding that the project will provide the port with the capacity to handle larger cargo volumes.

Mr. Toboso said that the Mombasa Port expansion will accelerate the completion of the Dongo Kundu bypass, which is expected to provide the required infrastructure to develop the Mombasa free trade zone similar to the one in Dubai.

The project was initiated last year and has been funded by the Kenyan government to the tune of Sh10 billion, with dredging taking approximately Sh5.2 billion.

Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors of Netherlands secured the multi-million shilling dredging tender, while China Roads and Bridge Corporation was awarded the new cargo berth construction.


Dredging Today Staff, March 21, 2012;