Sospan Dau Departs Chichester

Boskalis Westminster dredger Sospan Dau has just completed maintenance dredging of the approach channel to Chichester Harbor and beach nourishment at Hayling Island.

The approach channel to the harbor was dredged, targeting areas where the shingle material has naturally built up which could otherwise cause a navigation risk to local mariners.

Approximately 7,000m³ of material was pumped onto the beach in front of the Nabb Car Park.

The project involved:

  • Dredging shingle for nourishment from the Chichester Harbor Approach Channel;
  • Temporary closure of small areas of Eastoke Beach to receive nourishment material;
  • Pumping ashore of the shingle from the dredger by “Rainbowing” ashore.  The dredger has a very shallow draft allowing the vessel to come very close in shore and a jet pump is used to pump the material onto the shore.

The shingle beach along Eastoke is the primary line of defense against erosion and flooding, however coastal processes are constantly eroding it. Without regular intervention, the densely populated area of Eastoke would quickly become vulnerable to flooding and coastal erosion.

Havant Borough Council appointed Boskalis Westminster Limited to carry out the works, under supervision of the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP).