ML Dredging back at Gosport Marina

Once again, ML Dredging has won the contract for Gosport Marina latest dredge campaign.

Gosport has come a long way since 1100 when the Bishop of Winchester took refuge during a heavy storm and suggested it should be called ‘God’s Port’.

Over the years the marina has provided a safe haven for many vessels, providing all customers with outstanding facilities.

ML dredging started the Gosport campaign on September 28, 2020. The work is taking place 24/7 for approximately 8 weeks until mid-November.

During the works, the contractor will focus their efforts on a number of bays and also some key areas of the fairway.

For this project, ML Dredging will use one of its backhoe dredgers, the “Witton II” or “Boxer”. Barge “Split Three” is taking the dredged material for disposal to the NAB Spoil Ground.

Once complete, the new depths will benefit both marina and their customers over a significant area of the marina.

Photo: Images courtesy of Duty Manager, Peter Pring

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