Branded Content

Engaging your audience works best if you share honest and interesting stories. This could be based on project experience, innovation paths or market developments. Just showing your product is not enough. Taking your potential customer along in the story how you came to developing this particular solution shows expertise, customer care and confidence; values any company benefits from. Dredging Today tells industry stories on a daily basis. Do you think your story should be part of this? Check out the options we offer.

Check out this article to learn more in-depth about the benefits of branded content.

  • Industry Contribution (print)

    • Show’s expertise
    • 2/1 page
    • Offshore Energy Magazine
  • Industry Contribution (online)

    • Share knowledge
    • 2 weeks on homepage and newsletter
  • Round table

    Online | Onsite
    • Part of matchmaking programme
    • Invite your guests
    • Largest online reach

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