10TH Annual Conference Dredging in India

ITC Maratha, Mumbai
Sep 4 2019 - Sep 5 2019 | download iCal

The mission of this conference is to highlight the emerging trends and opportunities in the sector and discuss the key challenges. The conference will focus on strategies and solutions to meet the future dredging requirements.

The conference will have 19 distinct sessions:

  • Key Trends and Outlook;
  • Project Management : Focus on Planning, Design, Execution and Monitoring;
  • Government Perspective;
  • Dredging Vessel Designs;
  • Contractors’ (Public and Private) Perspective;
  • Dredging Needs at Key Ports – 1;
  • IWAI Perspective;
  • Design and Engineering Techniques;
  • Deepening of Inland Waterways;
  • Survey and Investigation Techniques;
  • Focus on Dredger Building and Repair;
  • Equipment and Technology Showcase;
  • Sediment Management: Effective use of Dredged Material;
  • Improving Dredger Productivity;
  • Project Showcase;
  • Tax and Legal Structure;
  • Environmental Issues and Challenges;
  • Dredging Needs from other segments like Oil and Gas Industry, Power Plants etc.;
  • Contract Management.

This conference is an annual event and this year is the 10th in the series. It is a well-established event which garners participation from all the key decision makers and influencers from the dredging/ports industry.

Mr. Pravir Pandey, Chairman of the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI), will be speaking on the fairway development of national waterways.

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