Navigation Change Climate

Crowne Plaza, Bruxelles
Mar 27 2017 - Mar 28 2017 | download iCal

Climate change is an important and growing focus of attention. The Paris Agreement on climate change, which came into force on 4th November 2016, is an ambitious international agreement that aims to combat climate change and adapt to its effects. Coming years are likely to see massive efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move to low carbon solutions across all sectors: navigation infrastructure is no exception. Notwithstanding the Paris Agreement, however, it is also widely agreed that continuing change in certain climate parameters is now unavoidable. Resilience will need to be strengthened and waterborne transport infrastructure will need to adapt. Preparedness will be critical.

The conference will have three main themes, reflecting the work streams in the Think Climate coalition’s Navigating a Changing Climate Action Plan:

· MITIGATION: reducing greenhouse gas emissions and moving towards low- or no-carbon navigation infrastructure

· ADAPTATION: strengthening resilience and adapting waterborne transport infrastructure to projected changes in sea level, storminess, precipitation, river flow, air and water temperature, waves, wind, fog and other climate parameters

· INTEGRATION: opportunities to contribute to climate change mitigation or adaptation by supporting intermodality, Working with Nature or integrated coastal management.

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