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  • 28 March 2010

    Here is a New Jersey riddle: Why is what’s good for the north not good for the south when it comes to deepening ports? Political leaders embrace deepening to 50 feet the behemoth New York-New Jersey Harbor at a cost of $2.5 billion. [mappress] Source:philly,March 28,2010;

  • 26 March 2010

    Work on the new deep-sea terminal will take between three and four years to complete, Government says.Plans to build a major new container terminal in the Severn estuary have been approved.The new deep-sea terminal at Avonmouth will be built partly… [mappress] Source:motorboatsmonthly,March 26,2010;

  • 26 March 2010

    Launched last November, the South Korean government’s Four Major Rivers Restoration Project calls for building 16 dams, dredging 570 million cubic meters of sand and gravel to deepen nearly 700 kilometers of riverbed, renovating two estuarine barrages, and constructing bike trails… [mappress] Source:sciencemag,March 26,2010;

  • 26 March 2010

    State-owned Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) will spend VND4 trillion to build a huge breakwater at Ke Ga Deepwater Seaport whose construction is expected to begin in August this year. [mappress] Source:vietnamnet,March 26,2010;

  • 25 March 2010

    THE EPA appeals convener visited Albany last Friday to review public submissions made against the Albany Port redevelopment.Albany Port wants to dredge 12 million cubic metres of sediment to widen and deepen the existing shipping channel into Princess Royal Harbour and extend the shipping channel into King George Sound to allow access for larger ships. […]

  • 18 March 2010

    The city and port authority don’t always agree, but both are happy with a dredging deal that promises to save millions of Hamilton tax dollars.Instead of the city dredging shallow Windermere Basin at the far east end of the harbour — as it is obliged to do — sediment will be allowed to wash into […]

  • 17 March 2010

    The more than two-decades-long Columbia River channel-deepening project is nearing completion. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expects to finish dredging the deeper shipping channel from Astoria to Portland before the end of the year. The work will be completed at least a year ahead of schedule… [mappress] Source:tdn,March 17,2010;

  • 9 March 2010

    The R4 billion project to widen and deepen the Port of Durban entrance channel is just about complete, apart from a few finishing touches. Transnet Projects held a roadshow to ‘show off’ what has been done during which the dredger Pallieter and two harbour tugs provided a ‘water ballet’… [mappress] Source:ports,March 9,2010;

  • 7 March 2010

    The folks at Dole are looking forward to the day when a deeper shipping channel on the Delaware River might allow them to bring in their fruit in bigger ships… [mappress] Source:delawareonline,March 7,2010;

  • 1 March 2010
    Project & Tenders

    KARACHI: The Karachi Port Trust (KPT) has undertaken massive dredging and reclamation works in Pakistan’s largest city to develop in phases a deepwater container port to the south east of the existing port without obtaining the statutory environmental clearance… [mappress] Source: The Peninsula, March 1, 2010

  • 26 February 2010

    Port Otago’s up to $100 million plans for deepening 13km of the its shipping channel is its largest single capital expenditure project. Dredging began in 1866 and has since removed about 34 million cubic metres of spoil. [mappress] Source:odt,February 26,2010;

  • 21 February 2010

    Gov. Chris Christie has vowed to continue the state’s fight against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project to deepen the Delaware River shipping channel from Philadelphia south. [mappress] Source:newjerseynewsroom,February 20,2010;

  • 21 February 2010

    A project to deepen the Columbia River shipping channel to 43-feet should be complete by the end of the year, officials said Friday… [mappress] Source:oregonlive,February 19,2010;

  • 18 February 2010
    Project & Tenders

    Local German authorities have completed the deepening of a 23.7km stretch of the northern Peene River to allow bigger ships to reach Wolgast. [mappress] Source: Maritime Journal, February 18, 2010;

  • 7 February 2010
    Project & Tenders

    Five environmental groups have appealed a federal court’s refusal to block the start of a more-than $300 million main channel deepening along the Delaware River. [mappress] Source: Delaware Online, February 5, 2010

  • 4 February 2010

    She may be getting over the hill, but Moray Council’s 42-year-old dredger is still clearing silt from the bottom of harbours to keep them deep enough for fishing boats. [mappress] Source: The Press and Journal, February 4, 2010;

  • 3 February 2010
    Project & Tenders

    Just days after a federal judge ruled that deepening the Delaware River could begin, the budget proposal announced by President Obama for fiscal 2011 includes no money for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to dredge the Delaware shipping channel five feet deeper. [mappress] Source:, February 2, 2010;

  • 18 January 2010

    In a meeting held on Friday, State chief secretary Ashok Mohan Chakrabarti discussed the possibilities of building a deep sea port. [mappress] Source: Indian Express, January 16, 2010

  • 13 January 2010

    The Belgian port of Antwerp will today learn whether the deepening of its key River Scheldt artery is going ahead, following a court ruling in the neighbouring Netherlands. [mappress] Source:lloydslist,January 12,2010

  • 11 January 2010
    Project & Tenders

    The Jacksonville Harbor Phase III project provides for the deepening of the ship channel from Station 6+53.19 of Cut-50 to Station 65+00 of Terminal Channel to a depth of 40 feet and an expansion of the Chaseville Widener by 100 to 200 feet. [mappress] More info:

  • 5 January 2010
    Project & Tenders

    The Army Corps of Engineers, which for years has fought to increase the depth to 45 feet, wants to make the most of this situation, and is pressing a federal judge for permission to cut five feet deeper into the river. [mappress] Source: Delaware Online, January 5, 2010;

  • 30 December 2009

    Delaware appears increasingly anxious to churn out an approval for a Delaware River main channel deepening, under terms that would salvage its pride and protect states’ rights to have a say on such projects… Source: Courier Post, December 26, 2009 [mappress]

  • 29 December 2009
    Project & Tenders

    The Kribi Deep Sea Port construction project is getting into its final phase… Source:crtv,December 29,2009 [mappress]

  • 23 December 2009

    Lyttelton Port of Christchurch is planning a $100 million project to deepen the harbour channel by four metres…,December 23,2009

  • 21 December 2009
    Project & Tenders

    The work will consist of mechanical and hydraulic construction of containment levees requiring deep excavation to minus 70 feet, shoreline protection, and spilbox rehab to increase the capacity of PA 14 and PA 15, and maintenance and… More info:;

  • 14 December 2009

    Navy officials want to build a deep-draft wharf in Guam’s main harbor that would better accommodate nuclear-powered aircraft carriers when they visit… Source:Navy Times, December 13, 2009;