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  • 21 February 2011

    Gladstone Ports Corporation has been working closely with Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) on restoring operations at the Port of Bundaberg… (mining-reporter) [mappress] Source: mining-reporter, February 21, 2011;

  • 3 July 2012

      The first 100 days of Campbell Newman’s Premiership have been a disaster for Queensland’s future according to the Queensland Greens. On the 100th day of taking over responsibility for governing the State and all its features and assests, Premier Newman’s success on the big issues can be judged as turbidity levels rise again in […]

  • 30 January 2014
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    The Abbott Government has announced an independent review of how two leaking incidents occurred in the protective wall of Gladstone Harbour. “”It is clear that there has been a failure in the bund wall at the Port of Gladstone. An Independent Review of the Port of Gladstone was commissioned by the Australian Government in February […]

  • 10 August 2011

    Ted Whittingham is a worried man. For 25 years he has been involved in the commercial fishing industry in Gladstone and now he says his… (gladstoneobserver) [mappress] Source: gladstoneobserver, August 10, 2011

  • 4 April 2012

    Initial studies in Port Curtis indicate internationally significant numbers of migratory shorebirds in the Gladstone region. In a first for the Capricorn Coast, detailed monitoring of migratory shorebirds from Port Curtis to Port Alma has been conducted with initial studies indicating a healthy ecosystem with a number of “high priority” sites. “We have found some […]

  • 22 May 2013
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    A massive dredging program in the Gladstone Harbour, located in the central Queensland region, is nearing its completion, according to the Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC). This capital development project could be wrapped up as early as August, 15 months prior to the scheduled date, reports ABC News. A large part of this dredging program is […]

  • 23 September 2011

    A war of words has broken out in the Queensland industrial city of Gladstone, after this afternoon’s release of preliminary tests on fish…   More info: abc BY MARK COLVIN [mappress] Source: abc, September 23, 2011;

  • 19 January 2012

    Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) has resumed normal dredging operations in the Western Basin after receiving notification from the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM). The temporary suspension of cutter suction dredging was put in place on the 9th January following high recordings of turbidity in the Gladstone harbour. The suspension was lifted around […]

  • 22 December 2019
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    Dredging Today brings you an overview of the most popular stories from the past week (December 16 – 22, 2018).   Jan De Nul Completes Liepaja Port Dredging Jan De Nul Group has successfully completed the capital dredging works for the improvement of Liepaja Port in Latvia.   Van Oord Wins Eforie Coastal Protection Contract […]

  • 8 March 2012

    Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) CEO Leo Zussino met with the delegation from UNESCO for a briefing on port developments, which are carried out under stringent environmental standards and regulatory controls. “It was an extremely constructive meeting,” Mr Zussino said. “GPC were able to answer questions and allay concerns about the myths and rumours circulating about […]

  • 29 May 2012

    A new economic analysis by The Australia Institute reveals major economic disadvantages will be caused by just one LNG development by Arrow in Gladstone, where the ongoing environmental crisis in the harbour has already been linked to mass dredging for LNG exports, said the Greens today. “People in Gladstone scarcely need reminding that the coal […]

  • 9 January 2012

    The Capricorn Conservation Council is unhappy with the independent scientific panel’s findings on the Gladstone Harbour. Michael McCabe, Capricorn Conservation Council co-ordinator, thinks that the Gladstone Harbour dredging should be halted immediately. “This report clearly indicates we don’t know enough about marine health matters and therefore shouldn’t continue the massive dredging until it can be […]

  • 20 December 2013

    The East Shores – Gladstone Coal Exporters Maritime Precinct project is progressing well, with construction of the waterfront boardwalk and viewing deck now underway. Pile-driving activities have now been completed at the $45M project, which is being delivered by Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) and Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET), and the placement of concrete […]

  • 23 October 2013
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    The Coalition has today squibbed a chance to protect the Reef by ruling out further development on Gladstone’s Curtis Island, by deferring the approval decision on Arrow’s LNG plant to just days before Christmas, say the Australian Greens. “The Reef didn’t need another deferral from the government today – this threat of even further industralisation […]

  • 25 May 2013
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    USA: Stone Harbor Renourishment Moves Ahead Stone Harbor officials have learned that the ongoing beach nourishment project will now involve the entire beachfront.   USA: President Obama Visits Ellicott Dredges (VIDEO) President Barack Obama visited Moravia Park Elementary School, local manufacturer Ellicott Dredges and The Center for Urban Families in Baltimore last week as part […]

  • 20 January 2014
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    The Australian Greens are calling on the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) to refuse offshore sludge dumping at Abbot Point, following today’s announcement of an independent commission of inquiry into Gladstone Harbour. “How can even more Reef dumping be approved, when we’re still investigating the destruction caused last time?” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian […]

  • 28 June 2012

      Since September last year, Gladstone Ports Corporation has been claiming that their dredging project is not the cause of poor water quality. However, they have recently admitted that they are contributing to the water problems in this area, according to Queensland Independent MP Liz Cunningham says that for a long time now the […]

  • 4 June 2012

    Turbidity data released today by Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) show that GPC has breached its Environmental Authority again by exceeding the turbidity limit for five days running, and government must now intervene to protect the Harbour and the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. “This is symptomatic of everything that’s wrong with our management of […]

  • 11 January 2012

    Figures obtained through Senate Estimates reveal more than 112 million cubic metres – or 65 Melbourne Cricket Grounds – are proposed to be dredged from the Great Barrier Reef​ World Heritage area, with 52 million cubic metres already approved by the Federal Government. A coalition of representatives from the fishing and tourism industries and reef […]

  • 13 December 2012

    The dugongs have been sighted in the central Queensland city’s harbour since a massive dredging program began, announced the Gladstone Ports Corporation. A report on the environmental impacts of dredging has just been updated, reports ABC News. Around 12-million cubic metres of sediment has been dug out of the Gladstone Harbour since May last year, […]

  • 10 January 2012

    The Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) has directed contractors dredging on behalf of Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) to immediately cease operation of the cutter suction dredge in Gladstone Harbour. DERM Director-General Jim Reeves said that an Environmental Protection Order was issued yesterday following evidence of high levels of turbidity at a monitoring site […]

  • 2 August 2010

    The Western Basin Dredging and Disposal Project (WBDD) in the port of Gladstone will cause environmental damage and destroy marine … (gladstoneobserver) [mappress] Source: gladstoneobserver, August 2, 2010;

  • 27 September 2012
    Business & Finance

    Gladstone Ports Corporation has welcomed the announcement from the State government to grant significant project status to the proposed channel duplication project. Chairman Mark Brodie said the channel duplication project will ensure the future of the central Queensland region. “In order for the port to grow and meet the future demands of the region it […]

  • 9 May 2014
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    The Australian Greens are calling on the Abbott Government to revoke the Abbot Point dredging and dumping approval and to increase compliance staff, following today’s report into Gladstone Harbour slamming poor compliance and monitoring with environmental conditions. “This report is an indictment on Australia’s environmental management, compliance monitoring was inadequate, records weren’t kept, and complaints […]

  • 10 November 2011

    Greens Senator Larissa Waters says she will introduce a second motion to stop dredging in Gladstone Harbour in central…  (abc) [mappress] Source: abc, November 10, 2011;

  • 6 October 2011

    A new report has found water quality in Gladstone Harbour has not suffered as a result of dredging…   By David Sparkes (gladstoneobserver) [mappress] Source: gladstoneobserver, October 6, 2011;