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  • 24 February 2021

    Orion Marine Group yesterday thanked the Orion teams for their continued work on the South Texas Gateway Project in Ingleside, Texas. Over the past 2.5 years, Orion’s Dredging and Gulf Coast Marine Construction team has helped deliver the first near shore VLCC terminal in the US. The facility was constructed on a 212-acre waterfront parcel […]

  • 22 February 2021

    With the start of the Winter 2020 dredging season, Jenkins Marine kicked off early in November from their home port of Poole, headed for Southampton, River Hamble. After that, they ventured west up to Chichester Harbor and are imminently on their way to the Isle of Wight to continue on for the next few months. “With […]

  • 17 February 2021
    Operations & Maintenance

    Following storm events over the Christmas and New Year period, the beach at Eastoke has significantly reduced in height and width, leading to reduced protection to coastal properties. After 10 days of work on site, a survey of the beach at Eastoke has calculated the need for additional shingle material to reach the design profile […]

  • 9 February 2021

    J.E. McAmis crews are currently receiving the first loads of jetty stone at their material handling facility at Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale), Florida. Stone is being railed from Georgia and then trucked and finally barged to two separate U.S. Army Corps of Engineers jetty projects in South Florida. At the moment, J.E. McAmis has four […]

  • 4 February 2021
    Project & Tenders

    Integral Consulting is to undertake an assessment of beach and dune conditions at South Padre Island in a Texas Coastal Management Program study funded by the Texas General Land Office and the City of South Padre Island. The project will examine present state of City’s beaches and dunes, and make recommendations for sea level rise […]

  • 25 January 2021
    Operations & Maintenance

    Wild weather last week slowed down Southsea Coastal Scheme piling progress as high winds limited the pitching of steel sheet piles. According to the project update, the weather conditions kept the working platform maintenance gang busy, ensuring the dredged platform wasn’t washed out to sea. The project received plenty of interest for the work on […]

  • 21 January 2021

    Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council recently kicked off a major clean-up campaign of the South Lake in Craigavon. This campaign, which will refresh the lake, started before Christmas to ensure that the waters will be restored, revived and ready to use when the new Watersports Centre and activities are launched later this year. […]

  • 20 January 2021

    Local authorities have just released Winter 2021 Newsletter for the Southsea Coastal Scheme. The start of the scheme, UK’s largest local authority-led coastal defences’ project worth more than £100M, was the culmination of seven years of work including wide-ranging public consultation. Some of the highlights since the September launch include: TSHD Sospan Dau visited the […]

  • 15 January 2021

    Nearly 2,000t of stone has been used to complete a project to protect a key terminal at the Port of Southampton from the threat of scour erosion. Mackley was commissioned by Associated British Ports (ABP) to supply and place rock armor in the berth pocket at the Queen Elizabeth II Cruise Terminal – as remediation […]

  • 12 January 2021

    Herrington Harbour has just released this amazing video named ‘Dredging Day at Herrington Harbour South’. Places in the Entrance Channel at Herrington Harbour South are being mechanically dredged this winter. Mechanical dredging is done by digging with excavators and moving the material by barge where it’s loaded into trucks. In and out of the marina, […]

  • 23 December 2020

    Pier 10 Yacht Club has requested Department of the Army authorization for dredging with 10-years maintenance of an existing basin in Great South Bay, located at the North End of Seabay Walk on Fire Island, NY. The regulated work would involve the dredging of approximately 250-cubic yards of material to a depth of four-feet below […]

  • 22 December 2020

    Following a visit in November to form the eastern temporary platform, the TSHD Sospan Dau has returned to the Southsea coast. The dredger will continue rainbowing material onto the foreshore, between Clarence Pier and the Spur Redoubt. The dredged material will be levelled to complete the installation of the western temporary working platform. VSBW, a […]

  • 17 December 2020
    Business development

    The £350 million Aberdeen Harbor Expansion Project is in the “final sprint” towards a phased opening next year. The project, which is the largest marine infrastructure project underway in the UK, is 70 per cent through construction, following commencement at the start of 2017.  Once complete, Aberdeen Harbor will be the largest berthage port in […]

  • 14 December 2020

    The TSHD Sospan Dau dredger will return to Southsea tonight for around two weeks, according to the latest project update. This second visit will see the Sospan Dau ‘rainbowing’ a load of gravel every high tide to create a second working platform between the Spur Redoubt and the Saluting Platform. “Due to unsettled weather conditions, […]

  • 7 December 2020
    Operations & Maintenance

    Contractors continue to work on the steel sheet piling that will provide support for the Southsea Coastal Scheme new sea defences. The works are being undertaken by VolkerGround Engineering from the recently constructed working platform on the beach that was formed from dredged material rainbowed from the hopper dredger Sospan Dau. “This week has involved […]

  • 2 December 2020

    It’s all go on the seafront this week, with the first of the 17.6m long sheet piles being driven into the ground, according to the Southsea Coastal Scheme latest update. The contractors have commenced steel sheet piling works to provide support for the sea defences construction work. The works are being undertaken by VolkerGround Engineering […]

  • 27 November 2020

    Portsmouth’s Southsea Coastal Scheme is moving forward according to schedule. In their latest project update, the officials introduced plans to extend working hours on the beach during December in order to suit the low tides, starting at 6am and ending at 9pm. “We also plan to work at weekends where low tide times are suitable,” […]

  • 26 November 2020

    Texas Congressman, Filemon Vela, has announced that the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have awarded $150,000 to the City of South Padre Island as part of the National Coastal Resilience Fund (NCRF). These were the only funds awarded in the state of Texas.  The funds will support the City […]

  • 16 November 2020

    Southsea Coastal Scheme, responsible for delivering new sea defenses along 4.5km of seafront from Old Portsmouth to Eastney, has just released the latest update on their coastal project. The dredger Sospan Dau successfully completed the first of two journeys to install the east and west temporary working platforms during the last week. The eastern platform […]

  • 10 November 2020
    Operations & Maintenance

    The Environment Agency has repaired Flood defences across South Yorkshire, damaged by the November 2019 floods. One year on from the November floods, the EA has checked 650 kilometres of flood defence embankments across South Yorkshire. They inspected over 3,000 flood defences, and identified over 100 individual repairs that were required at a cost of […]

  • 9 November 2020

    After a delay due to bad weather, the dredger Sospan Dau is finally working at the Southsea Seafront shores. She already sprayed some 5,000m3 of gravel onto the foreshore between Clarence Pier and the Spur Redoubt. “We are currently levelling the dredged material to form the eastern temporary working platform,” Southsea Coastal Scheme said. “We […]

  • 9 November 2020

    Proposed options – costing about $12.5 million – to address erosion and flood risk in Southshore and South New Brighton will be considered by the Christchurch City Council this week. “Earthquake legacy issues have been an ongoing concern for Southshore and South New Brighton residents,” said Council Head of Planning and Strategic Transport, David Griffiths. […]

  • 5 November 2020

    After a delay due to the bad weather, the Sospan Dau dredging vessel is arriving in Southsea today, 5th November, to start work on the new flood defenses. The Southsea Coastal Scheme officials report that at around 1pm, the vessel will put on a spectacular show. It includes ‘rainbowing’ shingle on to the stretch of […]

  • 4 November 2020
    Infrastructure, Ports & Logistics, Vessels

    Aberdeen Harbour Board has just release a before and after photo of the South Harbour expansion project. The two photos were taken a year apart – the first in October 2019 and the second only a few days ago. There one can see the placement of the final caissons and infill material on the east […]

  • 27 October 2020

    Dredging and beachfill operations began yesterday in South Bethany Beach, Delaware. Work is part of a periodic nourishment to maintain the dune and beach system that helps protect the community, said USACE. The project is the result of a partnership between USACE and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. Work, conducted by […]

  • 26 October 2020

    Plans to provide new flood defenses for the Southsea Seafront continue to progress. This week saw demolition works finally getting underway on the beach, starting with the removal of three dilapidated groynes from the eastern side. “This was easier than expected as they were found to be fairly shallow at only 3m long. We then […]