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  • 25 January 2012

    History has proven that hurricanes have no mercy when it comes to damages and losses, and rebuilding can cost towns millions of dollars…     (wect) [mappress] Source: wect, January 25, 2012;

  • 1 September 2011

    The recent study on the water quality of Lake Alice certainly offered insight on what the community can do to improve an important community… (fergusfallsjournal) [mappress] Source: fergusfallsjournal, September 1, 2011;

  • 31 October 2011

    The waterway at Haiphong’s Dinh Vu port is drying up. Designed to handle 20,000 deadweight tonnage ships (DWT), the port can currently handl…  atimes [mappress] Source: atimes, October 31, 2011;

  • 16 November 2012

    Rudee Inlet, a man-made inlet sited along one of Virginia Beach’s most dynamic shorelines, was recently dredged as a result of shoaling from Hurricane Sandy. In the wake of the tropical storm, the city of Virginia Beach requested the Corps conduct emergency dredging of Rudee Inlet because of significant shoaling. The cost of the six-day […]

  • 1 November 2012

    The Pass Christian harbor expansion project is progressing very well, according to The Mayor Chipper McDermott, regarding this matter, stated: “A lot of people didn’t think this was going to happen. So, we can tell them to take a look now and see if they think it’s going to happen. It’s nice. We had […]

  • 23 November 2011

    Savannah Maritime Commission has been supported by the Charleston Legislative Delegation upon opposing the DHEC issuing permits to dredge the Savannah River, says Rep. Chip Limehouse. “We feel like many environmental concerns may have been overlooked with the hasty issuance of this DHEC permit,” Limehouse said.“It is our hope that we can slow this down […]

  • 6 June 2013

    The hydrocyclone is equipment for solid-liquid mixture separation. It can be used to both separate and concentrate dredged material. When a Trailer Suction Hopper Dredge (THSD) dredges material consisting of fine particles, the material can’t settle quickly in the hopper leading to an overflow-loading dredging method with low efficiency. Through an experiment in the Yangtze […]

  • 1 December 2011

    Cape Coral has a database residents can use to identify canals most in need of dredging in the city’s southeast quarter…   By Don Ruane (news-press) [mappress] Source: news-press, December 1, 2011; Image: dredge

  • 25 May 2011

    At least VND9 trillion (US$435 million) is needed to continue the Soai Rap River dredging project so that larger vessels can enter Nha Beø D… (vietnamnews) [mappress] Source: vietnamnews, May 25, 2011

  • 19 October 2011

    The last year has been a turbulent time for the international logistics industry and has forced cargo owners, logistics handlers and many other key stakeholders to evaluate their operations. Today, efficiency and productivity are more important than ever before and businesses are looking at implementing new practices and technologies that ensure costs are reduced and […]

  • 20 April 2012

    In a letter to the Co. Council, the Department of Agriculture acknowledged that the Dunmore East Harbour needed to be dredged and said that it would cost around €6 million, reports. The letter stated, “This is a significant outlay in the current context of the national finances and competing exchequer demands.” Sinn Féin Cllr. […]

  • 20 April 2015
    Business & Finance

    Suzy Davies, South Wales West Assembly Member, and Selaine Saxby, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, visited Burry Port last week. They met with small businesses involved in tourism to identify how Welsh Conservatives can help with their current issues which include cuts in street cleaning, silt issues in the harbor and lack of a strategic plan for tourism in […]

  • 11 November 2014
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Technology

    DRAGFLOW, a world player in solid pumping solutions with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing heavy duty pumps and complete dredging equipment, will be present at Big 5 Exhibition, the International Building and Constructor Show, (November 17 – 20) in Dubai World Trade Center, and will reveal for the first time DRAGFLOW’s new Cutterhead. The […]

  • 25 November 2014
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Technology

    DRAGFLOW, a world player in solid pumping solutions with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing heavy duty pumps and complete dredging equipment, has introduced its newborn No Clog Pump EL60 RI, the first of the upcoming series of Recessed Impeller Pumps. The new DRAGFLOW ‘s No Clog Pump ensures the passage of solids, up to 100 mm, through the pump […]

  • 24 September 2012
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Technology, Vessels

    The largest backhoe dredger in the world has been installed with box cooler anti-fouling systems designed as the result of collaboration between Blokland Non-Ferro and Cathelco Ltd. The dredger has been built by IHC Merwede and was recently launched at the shipyard of its Dutch co-operation partner Lekkerland. It is being supplied to Autoridad del […]

  • 24 April 2012
    Equipment, Technology

    Safety systems and machine productivity specialist Prolec has set the date for the biggest and most significant product launch in the company’s history. The first product models from an entirely new modular range focused on machine safety will be unveiled at an event being staged at Donington Park Raceway on 9th May 2012. At the […]

  • 3 August 2012

    After a barge ran aground on Tuesday, the Army Corps of Engineers started dredging a stretch of the Mississippi River near Brownsville. The spokesperson says dredging to deepen the channel began Thursday and should be done very soon. Until then, the river is closed to barge traffic, according to A lot of the tow […]

  • 28 September 2011

    People can have their say on future plans for Bermuda’s shipping channels at town hall meetings next month…   By Sirkka Huish (royalgazette) [mappress] Source: royalgazette, September 28, 2011;

  • 28 September 2011

    As city officials continue to look for protection options on Norriego Point, boaters will see restrictions on where they can park along the…   By Matt Algarin (thedestinlog) [mappress] Source: thedestinlog, September 28, 2011;

  • 6 July 2011

    The Great Lakes form a sprawling ecosystem of nature and industry. In a strong economy, ships can transport up to 200 million tons of cargo… (wbez) [mappress] Source: wbez, July 6, 2011;

  • 21 October 2020
    Research & Development

    In the latest edition of the Terra et Aqua magazine, International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) presented an interesting story on the ‘Monitoring of Settling and Consolidation of Mud after Water Injection Dredging in the Calandkanaal’. As regular maintenance and relocation of sediment deposits are highly expensive, Port authorities seek more efficient solutions for reducing […]

  • 20 December 2019
    Business & Finance

    DEME Environmental Contractors (DEC), the environmental specialists of DEME, is installing a plastic collector on the river Scheldt on behalf of the Vlaamse Waterweg (the Flemish authority responsible for waterways in Flanders). A combination of a fixed and mobile installation will be tested for a year to collect waste from the water. To tackle the […]

  • 18 April 2019
    Business & Finance

    Coastal communities across Canada are supported by small craft harbors that bolster local economies and provide the commercial fishing industry with safe and accessible facilities, the Government of Canada said in its latest release.  With approximately 45,000 Canadians employed in this sector, the government is making investments to renew its network of small craft harbors […]

  • 10 November 2015
    Business & Finance

    Bechtel’s senior ports specialist, Marco Pluijm, announced today that analyzing natural barrier islands could help to make coastal infrastructure more sustainable and resilient. The new approach marks a huge step-change in the way marine infrastructure is currently designed, which is usually based on studying trends and processes that are hard to predict. Presenting at the […]

  • 23 April 2013
    Business & Finance

    Boaters on a Northamptonshire river will benefit when several thousand tonnes of silt are removed by the Environment Agency to maintain the navigation channel. Between 6,000 and 7,000 tonnes of silt will be removed from a 4km stretch of the River Nene upstream of White Mills Lock. A shoal – or large build-up of material […]

  • 12 December 2011

    The Army Corps of Engineers will hold a public meeting and workshop Tuesday as part of its study of the possible environmental effects of deepening Charleston Harbor. It will be held 5:30-8 p.m. at The Citadel’s Mark Clark Hall. “In order to consider the potential impacts, public participation early and often is an important part […]