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  • 21 May 2010

    The reclamation works will involve dredging by cutter suction dredger ( CSD ), trailer-suction-hopper-dredger ( TSHD ) and hopper barges. [mappress] Source: wildshores, May 21, 2010;

  • 18 November 2013
    Business & Finance

    A new wetland general permit that allows the city of Superior to continue a streamlined permitting process for development that has the potential to affect eligible wetlands is the subject of an environmental assessment and public comment period open through Dec. 17. The proposed wetland general permit is triggered by the state’s 2012 wetland law […]

  • 28 November 2012
    Business & Finance

    Public Consultation on the European Commission Green Paper entitled “Marine Knowledge 2020: from seabed mapping to ocean forecasting” is open until 15 December 2012. The idea behind this paper is the need to unlock the economic potential of Europe’s wealth of marine observations. With the ‘Marine Knowledge 2020’ the COM aims to “provide a unifying […]

  • 4 November 2013
    Business & Finance

    A new report by the Centre for Policy Development finds that Queensland has enough coal port capacity until at least 2017, with further capacity unlikely to be necessary until 2020 at the earliest. As the mining investment boom wanes, ‘Too many ports in a storm’ finds Queensland’s port capacity has already shifted from a shortfall […]

  • 30 April 2010

    COLUMBIA — Efforts to bring a two-state deal for the creation of the Jasper Ocean Terminal to the South Carolina and Georgia legislatures fell short this year, but the outlook for next year appears bright, says a key figure in the process.The agreement must be approved by both legislatures and by Congress before the construction […]

  • 23 April 2010

    The massive reclamation at Pasir Panjang continues until Oct 10. This huge site is next to Labrador’s shores, near Sentosa’s natural shores and close to Cyrene Reef.Dredging and reclamation works lead to high levels of sediments and thus murky waters. Like haze in the air, this ‘cloudy’ water… [mappress] Source:wildshores,April 23,2010;

  • 23 August 2019
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Technology

    The one-day SamueLNG Conference, scheduled for 25-26 September in Saint-Nazaire, France, has been postponed and will take place, at a later date to be announced, at the same venue. The event, which is the culmination of the EU co-funded project S/F SamueLNG, will present the main challenges and results from the project, including: The role […]

  • 5 September 2011

    Saugatuck and Douglas city officials have to act fast or a funding option for harbor improvements will set sail…   By JIM HAYDEN (hollandsentinel) [mappress] Source: hollandsentinel, September 5, 2011;

  • 10 May 2018
    Business & Finance, Project & Tenders

    In just seven weeks the Western Dredging Association (WEDA) will host the 2018 Dredging Summit & Expo in Norfolk, VA. The 2018 Summit is a technical conference organized to promote the exchange of knowledge in fields related to dredging, navigation, marine engineering and construction. According to WEDA, this year’s meeting will feature technical presentations and […]

  • 15 March 2018
    Business & Finance

    The Marine Maritime Organisation (MMO) recently suspended a marine licence for maintenance dredging of Exmouth Marina and disposal of related materials at the Sprey Point disposal site. They confirmed yesterday that the suspension has been extended until June 14 as “evidence has been provided to MMO to suggest that material may be migrating from the […]

  • 24 February 2010
    Project & Tenders

    Dredging near Kusu Island continues until Aug 10 In front of the living reefs of Kusu Island, dredging that first started in Apr 09 (the Notice was then entitled ‘Sand Mining’) will continue until Aug 10… [mappress] Source: Wild Singapore, February 24, 2010;

  • 7 January 2010
    Project & Tenders

    Tuguegarao City — In an effort to further boost the business and tourism industry in this northern tip of Luzon, the municipality of Aparri, Cagayan is firm in its goal to complete the rehabilitation of its seaport until 2015. [mappress] Source: Philippine Information Agency, January 6, 2010;

  • 24 August 2011

    The submarine Ojibwa will not be coming to Port Burwell this year after all. Even if they were to get final approval to convert the Cold War… BY CHIP MARTIN (lfpress) [mappress] Source: lfpress, August 24, 2011;

  • 16 April 2014
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Technology

    The Department of Tourism (DOT) regional office is eyeing the Iloilo River as an anchor of all city tours. DOT Regional Director Helen Catalbas said the inclusion of the river in all city tours notched a sustained implementation since January 2013 until December 31, 2016 and beyond. The amphibious bus and boat tour will be […]

  • 28 June 2011

    On 27 June last, at the age of 88, Mr Jan van Oord passed away. In 1948 Mr Jan van Oord was one of the founders of the company Jac.G. van Oord and Sons, predecessor of Van Oord nv. He was managing director of the company until 1984 and from 1984 until 1994 he was […]

  • 6 October 2015
    Business & Finance

    The silo demolition and harbor dredging projects are both set to begin in Port Stanley this week, according to the Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin. The demolition of the silos will take place throughout the month of October, and the dredging of the harbor will continue until spring. With these projects ongoing, the […]

  • 20 February 2015
    Business & Finance

    The Army Corps of Engineers is hosting the Table Rock Lake Shoreline Management Plan scoping workshops March 26-28 to share information about the update process and to collect public comments concerning shoreline activity around the lake. The scoping workshops will be held at the Branson Convention Center, 200 Sycamore Street in Branson from noon until […]

  • 17 November 2015
    Business & Finance, Project & Tenders

    The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) has just released November update on the cleanup of lead impacted sediment from the Mill River. DEEP – together with the contractor TRC – is currently dredging, dewatering, treating the filtrate water and discharging treated water back to the Mill River at the facility on Exide’s property in […]

  • 31 July 2014
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Technology

    The Augustine Beach Boat Ramp near Port Penn and adjacent intertidal beach located on the south side of the existing groin will be closed periodically starting Monday, August 4 through Thursday, September 18, for maintenance dredging of the boat ramp access channel, DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife said. The Augustine Beach Boat Ramp will […]

  • 7 November 2019
    Business & Finance

    Replenishment of Adelaide’s beaches will be continuing from Monday, November 11, until Friday, November 15, with sand being moved from between the Semaphore and Largs Bay jetties to the critically eroded West Beach, reports the Department for Environment and Water SA. As reported, sand will be moved from between the Semaphore and Largs Bay jetties […]

  • 18 March 2015
    Business & Finance

    The Army Corps of Engineers will conduct three scoping workshops on March 26-28 to share information about Table Rock Lake’s  shoreline management plan update process and to collect public comments concerning shoreline activity around the lake. The open house style scoping workshops will be held at the Branson Convention Center, 200 Sycamore Street in Branson […]

  • 7 January 2014

    The River Cam dredging program is currently underway, according to Boat owners have been asked to remove their vessels between Bishop’s & Newnham mills and Jesus Lock area until the work is done. In order for essential maintenance to take place around the Trinity College area in Cambridge, the officials made a decision to […]

  • 17 March 2011

    Repair work to some Delaware beaches has been pushed back until at least late summer.   By Michael Lopardi (wboc) [mappress] Source: wboc, March 17, 2011  

  • 11 March 2011

      Until 15 April 2011, in a special exhibition in FutureLand,  Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam will be exhibiting the best skeletal remains of ten animal species from days long gone that were found in the sand used to construct Maasvlakte 2. The finds include the complete pelvis and hind leg of a woolly mammoth and the by now world-famous hyena dropping. Background: The bottom of […]

  • 14 July 2011

    Dredging operations have begun in the Mooloolah River entrance and approaches in Brisbane and will continue until August 31…   (lloydslistdcn) [mappress] Source: lloydslistdcn, July 14, 2011;

  • 30 September 2010

    Plaintiffs in a long-standing legal battle to remove PCB-polluted creek bottom mud from a Hartwell Lake tributary have until Friday to … (energyfiend) [mappress] Source: independentmail, September 30, 2010;