MTCC’s K. Maafushi Project Moves Ahead

MTCC won a contract for the development of Maafushi, Island, South Male’ Atoll.

DOP350 Cleaning the Randle Reef

Fraser River Pile & Dredge (GP) Inc. recently took delivery of a Damen heavy-duty submersible dredge pump, ...

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DOP350 Working in Herten

De Rosslag marina dredging project in Herten, conducted by the contractor Martens & Van Oord, is progressing ...

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Damen DOP350 Put to the Test

Curtin Maritime Corp, located in California, USA, recently took delivery of Damen submersible dredge pump, the ...

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VIDEO: Reinforcing the Dike with DOP350

The German coastal protection dike named “Alter Koog” is being reinforced over a distance of 2.5 kilometers with ...

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