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Chesapeake to Launch New SonarWiz in April

Chesapeake Technology, Inc., (CTI) is launching its biggest SonarWiz release since 2010 at the Ocean Business show ...

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David Finlayson Joins CTI as Chief Scientist

Chesapeake Technology, Inc., (CTI) has welcomed David Finlayson as chief scientist. CTI is a leader in hydrographic ...

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SonarWiz Now Supports EdgeTech Real-Time Bathymetry Systems

Chesapeake Technology Inc. (CTI), a world leader in real-time acquisition and GIS based processing software for ...

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CTI Announces Major Advance to Its SonarWiz (USA)

Chesapeake Technology Inc, (CTI) has announced a major advance to its flagship software SonarWiz with the addition ...

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