Van der Leun opens new operation base

Van der Leun opens new Atlanta operations base.

Busy Year for Italdraghe

2015 has proved a record year for the Italian dredger manufacturer Italdraghe. The beginning of the year saw the ...

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Picture of the Day: JULONG Weed Harvester

A brand new JULONG JLGC-1810 Aquatic Weed Harvester was commissioned in Poyang Lake, China last week. This aquatic ...

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Italdraghe Harvester on Its Way to Kenya

The latest Italdraghe acquatic weed harvester is now on its way to Kenya. Destined to be used to remove the mats of ...

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Italdraghe Weed Harvester for Kenya

Although best-known as a dredger manufacturer, Italdraghe SpA, also has considerable experience in designing and ...

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