The Philippines: Governor Calls for Angat Dam Dredging

Governor Calls for Angat Dam Dredging

As the water level at Angat dam dropped near to its critical level of 180 meters, the provincial government on Thursday bared long term proposals to address the effects of the weather disturbance known as “El Nino” or prolong drought period.

Governor Wilhelmino M. Sy-Alvarado has suggested massive dredging operations at the reservoir of Angat dam which, he said, is now heavily silted.

Alvarado has likened the reservoir of the 45-year-old rock-fill dam to a glass of water half-filled with soil and half-filled with water.

“The water in the dam dries up faster because it is heavily silted and among the contributing factors include the cutting of centuries-old trees and those decayed logs beneath the reservoir,” Alvarado said.


Press Release, May 8, 2014