First segment of the Houston dredging project out for bids

The Port of Houston Authority is seeking proposals for the first segment of the Houston Ship Channel (HSC) Expansion Channel Improvement Project.

This dredging scheme, known as the Project 11, is comprised of eight segments, all aimed at widening and deepening the channel for safer and more efficient navigation.

The project will widen the channel by 170 feet along its Galveston Bay reach, from 530 feet to 700 feet. It will also deepen upstream segments to 46.5 feet, make other safety and efficiency improvements, and craft new environmental features.

According to the officials, the authority released a solicitation for RFP-1922: Bolivar Roads to Redfish segment of the Houston expansion project.

With the length of approximately 11.5 miles, the Bolivar Roads to Redfish package is the longest segment of the whole project.

The deadline for sending proposals is August 4, 2021, and anticipated award date September 29, 2021.

To learn more about the segments of the channel expansion project, please click here.

Photo: USACE