USA: CAG Expresses Doubts Over Hudson River Dredging

CAG Expresses Doubts Over Hudson River Dredging

A five-year EPA review of the Hudson River dredging project was criticized Thursday by members of a Community Advisory Group for being hastily conducted and skipping protocols that have been used in the past, repots

Even though it may take a decade longer than expected for the Hudson River to recover from toxic PCBs, there is no need to make changes to the dredging project, EPA officials said.

I don’t understand why it was determined that 136 acres are not going to be dredged when it has the same PCB concentration as the areas you’re dredging,” group member Julie Stokes said.

Despite the new information the EPA is confident that the current project will bring the PCB concentrations down to acceptable levels.


Dredging Today Staff, June 29, 2012; Image: hudsondredging