USA: Port Canaveral Gets Financial Injection

Port Canaveral Gets Financial Injection

Port Canaveral will get $24.4 million in state funding to complete its harbor widening and deepening project to accommodate larger cruise and cargo ships.

The money from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will allow the project to be completed four years earlier than possible through the federal process.

Port Canaveral is a key component to the region’s long-term vitality and a driving economic force of the Space Coast, as well as Central Florida’s hub to the world,” Gov. Rick Scott said during his visit to Port Canaveral. “This Port and this region cannot wait several more years for this crucial project to be complete.” Scott emphasized the importance of Florida’s seaports for increasing the state’s international competitiveness and for generating high-paying jobs. A FDOT study shows every $1 invested in seaports generates $7 to the state’s economy. The channel improvement project is expected to yield $11 for every dollar invested.

The 400 foot channel will be widened by 100 feet and deepened two feet along the length of the manmade harbor. Construction is scheduled to begin in July of 2013 and be completed by fall 2014.

We thank Gov. Scott and the Florida Department of Transportation for supporting Port Canaveral’s efforts to accelerate the completion of our harbor improvements for our cruise and cargo operations which generate so many needed jobs for our community,” says Bruce Deardoff, chairman of the Canaveral Port Authority Board of Commissioners.

According to Port Canaveral CEO Stan Payne, “Coupled with the opening of our new Cruise Terminal 6 and our plans for new cargo facilities, this funding firmly accelerates Port Canaveral’s growth and growth potential.”


Dredging Today Staff, August 14, 2012; Image: portcanaveral