Oman: Salalah Port Expansion Plan to Be Unveiled in 2013

Salalah Port Expansion Plan to Be Unveiled 2013

A concrete decision about the Salalah Port expansion plan will be introduced next year, according to Peter Ford, Chief Executive Officer of Salalah Port Services.

Mr. Ford stated: “We have seen a growth of around 15 pct till the third quarter of this year. If we can expect that again on a regular basis, we will need to activate the expansion next year, to have it completed by 2015. We have hundreds of feeder vessels coming to Salalah every year to utilise the port as a centre to re-distribute cargo to the rapid growth markets.

This very important expansion project will include the construction of 1,200 meters of berth, along an already existing breakwater, reports

The extra cargo handling capacity will allow the several companies in Salalah to do their job in a more efficient manner, said the CEO.

Port of Salalah’s expansion projects will serve the Government of Oman’s vision for continued stability and consistent growth both short and long term,” stated Abdul Aziz Ali Shanfari, Chairman at Port of Salalah.


Dredging Today Staff, November 27, 2012