VIDEO: The WK 100 NG-AS Working in Germany

MBN Lars Hoppe, dealer for Waterking amphibious excavators and accessories in Germany, recently organized dredging demonstration for a German water board district.

The demonstration started with the help of a Waterking WK 100 NG-AS. The amphibious excavator was equipped with side pontoons and spudpoles, ensuring a perfect stability in the strong current.

The WK 100 is an 9-tonne excavator featuring Yanmar upper structure. It is part of Waterking’s New Generation series of amphibious excavators, specially developed for operating under poor load-bearing conditions.

Purposely designed for on land as well as in water operations, which makes it highly efficient, the machine crosses swamps, ditches, lakes and waterways with ease. It is practically impossible for the excavator to sink or tip over.

Due to the retractable pontoons, this excavator is very easy to transport. The width of the pontoons is a minimum of 3 meters and a maximum of 4 meters.