Bright Future for Port Corpus Christi

Port Corpus Christi Commission Chair Judy Hawley at the recent State of the Port Address said that the great successes are currently surrounding the region around Port Corpus Christi.

The event was hosted last week by the Corpus Christi Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at the Solomon Ortiz International Center in Corpus Christi.

The state of the port is healthy, we are healthy financially, we are healthy in terms of tonnage,” said Mrs. Hawley to the crowd of over 850 people.

Looking ahead at the future, Mrs. Hawley mentioned the need to continue towards the goal of realizing the ship channel improvement project.

The Corpus Christi Ship Channel is currently a deep water channel at 45 feet. However, to accommodate some of the larger vessels the channel project goal of expanding the depth to 52 feet and widening to 530 feet is necessary.

Mrs. Hawley said that this expansion is critical for the economy of Texas and the United States.

Design and engineering of the approximately $300,000,000 project is nearly complete. The State of Texas has half the funding ready to go, and is awaiting the Federal Government match.

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