New Terra et Aqua Released

The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) has just released the latest issue of Terra et Aqua, their official quarterly publication.

The magazine is supported solely by the IADC as a service to the world-wide dredging community and represents IADC’s commitment to the highest standards of professional conduct.

IADC is the global umbrella organisation for contractors in the private dredging industry. As such IADC is dedicated to not only promoting the skills, integrity and reliability of its members, but also the dredging industry in general. IADC has over one hundred main and associated members. Together they represent the forefront of the dredging industry.

The articles in this Terra et Aqua:

Annelies Boerema, Katrien Van Der Biest, Patrick Meire

A case study of a tidal marsh restoration project at the Polders of Kruibeke in Belgium shows how an Ecosystem Services assessment can reveal otherwise hidden benefits.

Jan Kolbel, Frank Seubring

UXOs underwater are everywhere and present an “invisible” threat. Discovering, removing and dismantling them is risky and should always be performed by specially trained professionals.

Frank Smolders

Multicopters, unmanned aerial surveyors, can fly and take pictures in difficult-to-reach or potentially dangerous areas, improving the speed and safety of acquiring data.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the IADC returned to the site of one of the dredging industry’s most notable triumphs – Hong Kong.