Hitachi Sliding Arm Excavator Presented at Intermat

Image source: Hitachi

Hitachi has introduced their new sliding arm excavator, named ZX135US-6, at Intermat – International Exhibition for Construction and Infrastructure (April 23-28, Paris).

The sliding arm extends the working range of the ZX135US-6 considerably to a maximum digging depth of 7,8m and the upper arm features a built-in sliding cylinder with a 2,000mm stroke.

“This makes it ideal for river maintenance, pipeline constructions and building mine shafts. In addition, thanks to the short swing radius of the ZX135US-6, it can fit perfectly in small spaces, which further enhances its versatility,” said Hitachi.

The ZX135US-6 is equipped with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system that injects urea into exhaust gas to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

The new medium excavator also features the HIOS IV hydraulic system, which reduces total hydraulic loss and helps to lower fuel consumption by 7% (in PWR mode).


  • Model code – ZX135US-6 sliding arm;
  • Engine rated power (kW) – 78.5;
  • Operating weight (kg) – 15,000 – 15,600;
  • Backhoe bucket ISO heaped (m³) – 0.36;
  • Maximum digging depth (mm) – 7,790;
  • Bucket digging force (kN) ISO – 99;


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