Stefanutti Stocks crews busy at Port of Durban Cruise Terminal

During December last year and this May, Stefanutti Stocks’ Coastal Region undertook the scour protection to Berth A and Berth B in the Port of Durban Cruise Terminal, for Transnet.

photo courtesy of Stefanutti Stocks (Pty) Ltd.

The quay wall that berths cruise liners, had over time been undermined and scoured.

The project included dredging and placing the seabed to the design level, said the company.

A double layer of A10 Geotextile was placed, followed by a 1 000mm layer of armour rock, that forms a barrier to stop future scouring from prop wash and side thrusters.

Also, the voids (250m3) below the quay wall were filled with concrete, and this was completed 11 metres beneath the water.

The works were completed using a 36m x 19m barge with an 80ton Long Reach Excavator (LRE) secured to it.

To enable the underwater works to be completed, the LRE was fitted with a dig system GPS, which together with post multi-beam surveys was the only way to “view” the works.

The armour rock was loaded into a 6m3 skip before being lowered into the water by a 135ton Crawler Crane.