Restoring the Everglades with the help of Volvo

In the heart of the south of Florida, a giant hydrological restoration project is taking place.

The construction of the C-43 reservoir is an important part of the federal Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan – to restore Florida’s Everglades water system.

The plan is the largest hydrological restoration project ever in the U.S.

Amongst other things, the project consists of the construction of an earthen embankment dam with a perimeter of approximately 26.2 kilometers and a separator dam of 4.5 kilometers in length, as well as 18 water control structures.

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The C-43 reservoir work site is scattered with Volvo equipment, which is the key point for all heavy excavation and hauling and will eventually be deployed out on the dam and levy build.

The equipment includes a mix of A45 articulated haulers and excavators, as well as several EC750E excavators and wheel loaders, with more on the way.

The C-43 reservoir project is expected to be completed in 2023.

Photo: Volvo

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