IADC Annual Report 2019 available

International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) has officially released its ‘Annual Report 2019’.

The annual report outlines the Association’s state of affairs, as well the broad spectrum of activities it undertook over the course of the year.

One of the major highlights from the year was the conference ‘Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure’ in October 2019 in New Delhi.

At the event, the participants explored the overarching question ‘How can dredging be sustainable?’

The conference centred on the philosophy of the book ‘Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure’ which guides project owners in the design, implementation and management of water infrastructure projects with a dredging component.


The IADC Safety Award winner for 2019 was Boskalis with its ‘floating line connecting system’.

Connecting floating pipes is an operation that can be risky for the people involved. To eliminate these risks Boskalis developed a system that allows lines to be connected without manpower.

Mr Hans Dieteren accepted the award on behalf of Boskalis at the IADC Annual General Meeting in New Delhi.

The Young Author Award for 2019 was bestowed twice in 2019.

It was first awarded to Ms Cao Lei, Engineer at the CCCC National Engineering Research Centre of Dredging Technology and Equipment in Shanghai, China at the 22nd ‘World Dredging Congress’ held in Shanghai.

Ms Cao Lei was selected for co-authoring the research paper ‘Numerical Investigation on the Head and Unsteady Flow Characteristics of a Dredge Pump Loading High-Concentration Sands’.

Read the report here: https://www.iadc-dredging.com/news/iadc-publishes-2019-annual-report/

Photo: IADC

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