Dewberry VIDEO: What is a Living Shoreline?

Dewberry has just released this very interesting video named ‘What is a Living Shoreline?’.


“A living shoreline is a hybrid approach to shoreline management, as it provides multiple benefits. It incorporates hard structural measures, as well as natural elements,” said Alaurah Moss, Dewberry Project Manager.

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“It can be used for erosion control, flood protection, and habitat creation. The first element is an offshore breakwater that breaks down the wave energy and creates a calm environment. It also provides habitat. An oyster shell is placed on the backside of the breakwater to recruit a native oyster population, which improves the water quality.”

“The next element is an engineered beach, which was created by bringing in clean high quality sand. It’s gently sloped to create two different types of habitat,” added Moss.

“A low marsh habitat where vegetation is placed, that likes to be inundated twice during our daily high tides, as well as a high marsh habitat that prefers to stay drier.”