The biggest excavation in Denmark begins

The biggest excavation project in Denmark has now begun, Femern A/S reports.

“We have started the excavation of the 18 kilometer tunneling between Rødbyhavn and Puttgarden in Germany, where the Femern tunnel will be located,” said Femern.

“Our tunnel contractor FBC has inserted some of the world’s largest floating excavators for the task.”

“Right now, Simson, Fetsy and Manta are working off the coast at Rødbyhavn. Simson can dig at 18 meters depth, while the other two can dig at a depth of 45 meters,” said Femern.

Later, two more digging vessels will encounter the work fleet, which also consist of several tugs, barges and service ships.

Femern photo

The Fehmarnbelt link will be built as an immersed tunnel between Rødbyhavn on Lolland and the German island of Fehmarn.

In contrast to a bored tunnel, an immersed tunnel is made up of hollow concrete elements, cast on land and assembled section by section to form the tunnel.

A trench for the tunnel must first be dug in the seabed in order to build the Fehmarnbelt link. This trench will be up to 60 metres wide, 16 metres deep and 18 kilometres long.

Photo: Femern