Improving river terminal in the City of St. Charles

The St. Charles County Port Authority has secured $3.5 million in funding to improve the river terminal in the City of St. Charles and at Klondike Park near Augusta.

St. Charles County Missouri - Government

County Councilman Mike Elam, District 3, worked for three years to convince fellow Council members to pass an ordinance to create the Port Authority.

“After I learned that by not having a Port Authority, we were leaving money on the table, I started lobbying and educating other Council members about why having a Port Authority is a good thing,” he said.

“I’m excited that some of our infrastructure tax dollars are coming back to St. Charles County, and my thanks to the Port Authority Board for working so hard and so quickly to make this happen.”

Elam also added that the state puts money aside for projects that can be used only by a Port Authority. There are 17 port authorities in Missouri, including St. Charles County’s, and those other counties were receiving it. Now, St. Charles County is in the mix.

The projects, which were approved by the Port Authority Board of Commissioners at the June 9 meeting, include:

  • $2.5 million to extend water, sewer, electric to the proposed river terminal at Klondike Park near Augusta,
  • installation of a debris deflector to protect the dock infrastructure,
  • dredging,
  • $1 million to rehabilitate the river terminal near the Lewis and Clark Boat House and Museum in the City of St. Charles.

These facilities will enhance river commerce and provide infrastructure needed to facilitate the development of additional river-based businesses.