Littlehampton dredging works set for early March

Littlehampton Harbour (UK) has just announced that there will be sustained dredging activity within harbour limits from 8th March 2023 for approximately 3 weeks.

The Marine Group

As reported, The Marine Group’s water injection dredger ‘CMS INNOVATION’ will be engaged in water injection dredging primarily at both Arun Yacht Club and Littlehampton Marina.

The dredging will first kick off at Arun Yacht Club with works planned from HW-1hr until the end of the ebbing tide on every tide including overnight, the harbour said in the notice.

Work is expected to shift from Arun Yacht Club to the Littlehampton Marina on approximately the 18th March.

Also taking part in the project will be harbour vessel ‘ERICA’. She will use her plough for maintaining depths and levelling in various locations throughout the harbour during the period.

Harbour vessel ‘WINDSONG’ will also be conducting various pre-dredge and post-dredge depth surveys across the harbour (including Arun Yacht Club and Littlehampton Marina) using equipment sensitive to wash generated by other vessels.

Completion of the works is expected by end-March 2023 but these timings are subject to extension as required by weather conditions or other operational difficulties.