2nd Cold Harbour maintenance dredging campaign

The King’s Harbour Master Portsmouth announced today that routine maintenance dredging will be conducted by ML (UK) Dredging Ltd in Cold Harbour.

Photo courtesy of Joe Liney/ML (UK) DREDGING

The works to be undertaken on behalf of the Royal Naval Sailing Association, will take place directly south of Oil Fuel Jetty on the western side of Portsmouth Harbour from the 27 – 30 June 2023.

According to the KHM Portsmouth, the ML vessel conducting this task will be IHC delta tug “JOLLY JACK” (LOA 15.3m) which will display the appropriate signals from the COLREGS when conducting their operations.

This is the second dredging campaign that occurred in Cold Harbour this year. The first one, which began in mid-January and lasted for approx. three weeks, was completed with one of the ML backhoe dredgers.