Restoring Sondu Miriu Dam with Watermaster amphibious dredger

Bainridge, a frontrunner in East African environmental management solutions, recently deployed a Watermaster amphibious multipurpose dredger to revolutionize water management in Kenya, starting with the restoration of the Sondu Miriu Dam.

Watermaster photo

Faced with numerous challenges such as invasive vegetation, siltation, and pollution, Kenya’s many dams require immediate action to ensure cleaner water sources, improved energy generation, and flood prevention.

According to Mr. Paul K. Karuga, the Managing Director at Bainridge, Watermaster’s ease of transportation, along with its amphibious and selfpropelling capabilities, enable Bainridge to carry out projects even in the remotest and most difficult locations.

“The Watermaster can independently enter and move in the water, making us capable of handling tasks in otherwise inaccessible areas,” Mr. Karuga explained.

Bainridge devised a comprehensive strategy to address the issues plaguing the dam.

Initially, the Watermaster was tasked with removing over 150,000 square meters of invasive hippo grass, effectively opening and widening the basin.

Also, the subsequent tasks will involve excavating and suction dredging hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of sludge to increase the reservoir’s holding capacity, which will ensure cleaner water sources, improved energy generation, and enhanced flood prevention.

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