HERBOSCH-KIERE building new dike in Hamme

HERBOSCH-KIERE is making great progress in Hamme, Belgium, where the company is constructing a 1.8 km long overflow dike, re-profiling an additional 400 meters of dike and creating a 5 km long towpath for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy.

Photo courtesy of HERBOSCH-KIERE

“The construction is progressing well, and we anticipate completing the work by the summer of 2025,” HERBOSCH-KIERE said in the latest update.

At the moment, the company efforts are focused on performing extensive earthworks, in cooperation with Wulteputte Boudewijn BV, and installing Gosa.

This project is part of the broader Sigma Plan by De Vlaamse Waterweg NV, which aims to better protect Flanders from flooding of the Scheldt and its tributaries while enhancing the valuable riverine ecosystem.