Deltares: Protecting Antwerp’s renovated Scheldt quays

Deltares’ Delta Flume carried out wave tests this week to investigate the strength of a self-closing flood barrier. The results are positive, said Deltares.

Deltares photo

This Flemish innovation is going to protect Antwerp’s renovated Scheldt quays in the future against flooding caused by storm tides on the Scheldt.

Chris Danckaerts, managing director of Vlaamse Waterweg nv said: “The spectacular test in the Deltaflume simulates conditions similar to a real storm and the flood barrier passed the test with flying colours. This is an important milestone within the works of the Sigma Plan on the Scheldt Quays.”

The 842 meter long flood defense is hidden underground and only rises in cases of high water levels.

According to Deltares, this way the view of the Scheldt is preserved and the public space remains accessible.

The flood defense project will be built by Aggéres.