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Ouachita River Dredging in Lack of Funds (USA)

The future of commercial navigation on the Ouachita River will be grim in another year or so if the U.S. Army Corps ...

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USA: Levee Leaders Lobby for Ouachita River Dredging Project

Levee district leaders just returned from a trip to capital, where they were lobbying to secure funding for a ...

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USA: Ouachita River Dredging Begins

The Camden street department has begun operating the dredge that the city purchased for the park development ...

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Funding for Ouachita River Dredging Uncertain (USA)

For the first time in 40 years, the Ouachita River may not be dredged next year if the Congress goes along with ...

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Senator Seeks More Funds for Ouachita River Dredging (USA)

U.S. Sen. David Vitter said Tuesday he is working to reverse the Army Corps of Engineers’ effort to place the ...

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No Funds for Ouachita River Dredging (USA)

President Barack Obama’s Fiscal Year 2011 budget that begins Oct. 1 doesn’t provide money for dredging ...

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