US Looks to Free Trade Agreements to Boost Exports, Create Jobs

U.S. President Barack Obama is focusing on trade and jobs during his current Asian tour. His administration has set a goal of creating two million new jobs for American workers. One way it hopes to do that is by completing a long-delayed free trade agreement with South Korea, and agreements with other countries across Asia and the Pacific.

Ellicott Dredges in the eastern U.S. port city of Baltimore manufactures dredging equipment and supports free trade. “Ellicott is a company that was built on trade. We built all of the dredges used in the original construction of the Panama Canal, so ever since then we’ve cared about trade,” said company president Peter Bowe. He said Ellicott needs to look for opportunities anywhere in the world where there is a demand for dredges. “A dredge just like this is shipping next week to Mexico for flood control. The dredge behind me in the next bay is going to Brazil to mine aluminum, and then the dredge behind the one to Brazil is going to Nigeria to mine sand,” he said.


Source: dredge, December 6, 2010