The Netherlands: New Edition of IADC’s Dredging for Development

Since its first edition in 1983, Dredging for Development has been recognised as the standard work for a clear, non-technical introduction to the complex field of dredging. This newly updated sixth edition, edited by Nick Bray (HR Wallingford /DRL) and Marsha Cohen (editor, Terra et Aqua) and jointly published by the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC ) and International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH).

As the fifth edition was sold out and still being requested, it was decided that an update was appropriate, one which presented the most recent technological advances and ongoing innovations in the dredging industry. In the original concept, the primary aim was to provide public officials in developing nations with an introduction to dredging, with the basic information and main elements involved in achieving a successfully executed project. But, with each new edition, the book has proven useful for anyone interested in the fundamental processes and purposes of dredging – the public, stakeholders, consultants in related industries.

Whilst the publication cannot be, nor is it meant to be exhaustive, it does explain the applications of dredging, the various types of dredged materials, and the wide range of dedicated dredging equipment. It discusses the need for sustainable development and environmental monitoring, and the use of dredged material as a resource, as well as the socio-ecological aspects of dredging, R&D and training programmes related to dredging. It indicates the various financing sources for infrastructure development projects and the forms of dredging contracts including public-private partnerships, with a special focus on global, regional and national lending agencies, and treaties and conventions.

The book is 80 pages, illustrated in full colour.


Source: iadc-dredging, December 21, 2010

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