MMT, NetSurvey Join Forces


MMT and NetSurvey have recently merged after 6 years cooperation on various hydrographic survey assignments.

The goal is to benefit from synergy effects and to jointly provide high-resolution surveys. NetSurvey will bring strong technical capabilities in the field of multibeam expertise to the MMT Group, which recently acquired all shares in NetSurvey Limited, Banbury, UK. Both companies operate at the cutting edge of technology and deliver high-quality, client-focused products to the world’s energy companies, hydrographic offices, environmental agencies and government departments.

Ola Oskarsson, MMT’s Managing Director, said: “Netsurvey has a unique concept for the processing of depth data and 3D modeling that complement MMTs activities and thanks to the acquisition creates a leading and even stronger Northern European player in the marine industry.”

Commenting on the merger Duncan Mallace, NetSurvey’s Managing Director, said: “We have been working closely and enjoyably together for the last 6 years and by combining our assets and skills we can lead the industry in all of our market sectors delivering innovative products that our clients are asking for but no-one is delivering. This merger immediately places NetSurvey as one of the leading survey companies in the UK.”

Over the last decade MMT has conducted numerous survey assignments in UK waters and the recent merger will provide a continuous presence on the UK market. The office in Banbury will act as headquarters for MMT operations in the UK. Following the merger, the MMT Group will employ over 250 specialists in the field of marine survey, with employees both in the United Kingdom and Sweden. Bringing together MMT and NetSurvey provides a powerful platform for hydrographical surveys, pipeline inspections and marine infrastructure projects on the European and world-wide markets.


MMT and NetSurvey cooperation started back in 2004 on the routine re-survey project for MCA. MMT´s part of the project is the hydrographical surveys while NetSurvey handles the reporting and quality checks of the Multibeam data. Over the past few years NetSurvey has participated onboard MMT vessels on several projects, such as the Nord Stream pipeline project, hydrographical surveys for Natural England and The Ghost ship expedition. MMT and NetSurvey are part of MMT Group.


NetSurvey is based in Banbury, UK, and offers advanced hydrographic survey services using multibeam technology, from SOLAS charting surveys to marine habitat survey, port surveys including quay wall inspection to multibeam specialist services for pipeline and site surveys. The company’s multibeam specialist personnel are among the best in the business and can install, calibrate, acquire and process data from any portable multibeam system. Products for the client range from fully interactive 3D visualisation scenes to traditional sounding and contour charts or alignment sheets. The product portfolio includes advanced backscatter processing and Out-of-Straightness pipeline visualisation.


MMT is a survey company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. MMT offers turnkey solutions to customers requiring high-resolution seafloor mapping, geology services , geotechnical investigations or ROV facilities.

MMT operates world-wide, with a strong focus on the European market. Seabed survey operations are conducted for the offshore industry as well as for governments and institutions. Typical tasks are hydrographic charting projects and route surveys for cables and pipelines. Geophysical site surveys are performed for various offshore infrastructures and for archaeological object, wreck and munitions searching. MMT also specializes in environmental mapping projects which are performed in lakes, rivers, and coastal areas as well as offshore in deep waters.


Source: mmt, April 6, 2011;