UK: ABPmer Contributes to CEDA’s Position Paper on Underwater Sound

ABPmer Contributes to CEDA's Position Paper on Underwater Sound

A position paper on “Underwater Sound in Relation to Dredging” to which ABPmer contributed has been published by the Central Dredging Association (CEDA). The purpose of the paper is to inform those parties concerned about sounds produced by dredgers.

The paper was prepared by the CEDA Working Group on Underwater Sound under the remit of the CEDA Environment Commission, and reviewed by experts on dredging from various professional groups including ABPmer.

Elena San Martin who represents ABPmer on the small working group said: “The position paper identifies sounds that are produced during dredging activity and compares its characteristics to sound characteristics produced by other sources of underwater sound. Potential and documented effects as well as management of dredging sound are discussed. The paper concludes by encouraging further research to reduce uncertainties on the environmental impacts of underwater sound.”

ABPmer Contributes to CEDA's Position Paper on Underwater Sound.

CEDA is an independent and international platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience on all aspects of dredging.

ABPmer is a leading UK consultancy providing specialist environmental support and advice to the marine sector. The company regularly undertakes environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and other studies to consider the impacts of underwater noise on the marine environment.


Dredging Today Staff, November 29, 2011; Image: dredging