The Netherlands: Van Oord Takes Delivery of Damen Multi Cat 3213 Oceanus

 Van Oord Takes Delivery of Damen Multi Cat 3213 Oceanus

On 30 November 2011, Van Oord performed the naming ceremony for its new Damen Multi Cat 3213 ‘Oceanus’. The Oceanus is the biggest Multi Cat ever built by Damen Shipyards and the first of its type. A sister vessel ‘Cronus’ is to be delivered April 2012, one month before the contractual delivery date.

The Multi Cats were ordered by Van Oord in November 2010 with Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld (The Netherlands). Their main purpose will be assisting the Athena, Van Oord’s new, self-propelled cutter dredger. This required Damen to design a new, larger Multi Cat in close cooperation with Van Oord.

Managing Director Jos van Woerkum is very proud of this vessel and his team in Hardinxveld: “We are proud to have completed this new design for Van Oord. As Damen designs for ‘operability at sea’, instead of ‘trial conditions’, we were pleased to see that Oceanus’ capacity is above par. The workboat made 10.8 knots during the trials against the 10,5 knots that is in the contract. Furthermore, we promised a bollard pull of 27 tonnes, but we delivered 30.2 tonnes bollard pull.


As Athena has heavy anchors, the Oceanus has a 340 ton-metre fore crane and a 80 ton-metre aft crane. The fore crane is equipped with a constant tensioning winch. The workboat has an enlarged depth, allowing the working deck to be 1.10 m above the waterline (normally: 80-90 cm). In addition to anchor handling, the 3213 will deliver supplies, water and fuel oil.


Dredging Today Staff, December 1, 2011; Image: Damen