Bangladesh: Government Reveals Plan to Save Four Rivers

Government efforts to save the four rivers – Buriganga, Shitalakhya, Turag and Balu – flowing around the metropolis through restoring their navigability are yet to make any headway.

Ceaseless dumping of wastes, haphazard dredging and encroachment on these rivers continue unabated. A recent survey on the wetland around Dhaka city says that all such lands will cease to exist by next two decades if the encroachment continues at the present rate.

Vast tracts of land in low-lying areas along the rivers, Buriganga, Shitalakhya, Turag, Balu and Dhaleshwari, are being filled up by the land grabbers. The filling of marshy tracts is being carried out with sand taken from the river Meghna. Influential people are engaged in developing the lands for housing projects, despite warnings issued by the government from time to time not to do so.

Two years ago, the government had announced restoration of water flow in the rivers around Dhaka city, a halt to encroachment and pollution and eviction of illegal structures. The High Court also in a directive in June 2009 asked the government to stop river pollution and encroachment.


Dredging Today Staff, December 19, 2011;