Mississippi, Atchafalaya Rivers Begin to Drop (USA)

Mississippi, Atchafalaya Rivers Begin to Drop

Flood fight inspections along the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers have ceased as water levels continue to drop. All permitted construction work near levees and floodwalls may resume.

The Corps activated phase I flood fight as a proactive measure on December 13, 2011, when the Mississippi River reached 11 feet with a forecast to continue to rise. The levee patrols associated with phase I activation help ensure the Corps and the local levee authorities can respond quickly to problem areas that may develop along the levee system due to the elevated water levels. In addition, restrictions were placed on all construction activity near the river levees and floodwalls in accordance with theirr espective permits.

Typically, high water season occurs in the spring, but heavy rainfall in the Mississippi River Valley this winter slowly increased water levels. Although the rivers are still significantly above average, they are now beginning to drop.

No significant issues developed along any of the levees as a result of this recent high water. The Corps will continue to keep a watchful eye on water levels as the spring flood season approaches.


Dredging Today Staff, January 19, 2012; Image: usace