The Netherlands: VOSTA LMG Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

VOSTA LMG BV is already 10 years operative. VOSTA LMG dredging technology is a merger between LMG Marine Technology Department and VOSTA BV. Although this was a new name in 2002, the company embodies 140 years of experience and expertise. Now, ten years later, VOSTA LMG has proven to be a serious partner in the world of dredging.

Ten years of VOSTA LMG has gone by quickly and above all successfully. The company is a leading engineering and contracting company, serving the dredging industry, with worldwide offices. VOSTA LMG works closely with local specialist, local contractors and with partner shipyards. This flexibility gives the company the opportunity to deliver complete and custom-sized solutions for the clients.

The company has been especially successful by producing a broad range of innovative components. And with the 140 years of expertise VOSTA LMG develops, builds en delivers dredging installations, from engineering package to turn key CSD’s and TSHD’s.


VOSTA LMG has grown from a robust company into a smooth operation. Today VOSTA LMG is a professional and serious partner in the business. The next ten years VOSTA LMG will be working on more sustainability in the industry. They will still be looking for new developments and new solutions. The outlook of 2012 is promising and means that VOSTA LMG will be in the dredging industry for many years to come.

Two different roots

VOSTA LMG has two different sets of roots in both The Netherlands and Germany. It all started in 1873 in Germany with the Lübecker Maschienenbau Gesellschaft (LMG). Main activities include construction of dredgers and excavators. The components required for equipment of this kind are manufactured almost exclusively at the Lübeck facility. LMG merges in 1950 with O&K, under the name O&K Werke Lübeck and more than 40 years later they were taken over and became Krupp Fördertechnik GmbH.

In 1903 Stapel Shipyard established in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands. Originally a true shipyard, their specialty soon becomes designing and building dredges. Almost 35 years later Vos Machine Works established in Sliedrecht, The Netherlands. In 1993 Vos en Stapel became VOSTA BV.

In 1995 VOSTA BV was acquired by Krupp Fördertechnik GmbH and Krupp VOSTA BV was established. Five years later Krupp sells shares of Krupp Fördertechnik MT to the Germany- based Investment & Holding company NordGB. Krupp Fördertechnik MT resumes operating under the name LMG. LMG organization split up into two departments: LMG Industrial Services (machine works) and LMG Marine Technology (Contracting & Engineering) Krupp also sells the shares of Krupp Vosta to NordGB, the company is renamed VOSTA. Finally in 2002 LMG Marine Technology merged with VOSTA BV and they became VOSTA LMG.


VOSTA LMG is a leading engineering and contracting company, serving the world-wide dredging industry. Apart from self propelled and stationary dredges, the company also markets various dredge component packages and offers engineering and contracting services.

VOSTA LMG operates through a number of offices in Europe, USA and Asia and via a global network of agents and representatives.


Dredging Today Staff, February 16, 2012