The Netherlands: CodaOctopus Hands Over UIS to Rijkswaterstaat

CodaOctopus Hands Over UIS to Rijkswaterstaat

The world renowned survey department of Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) in Holland has just taken receipt of their first integrated Underwater Inspection System (UIS™) from CodaOctopus. Purchased through our agent, Nautikaris BV, RWS have already scheduled a full program of survey and inspection work for their state-of-the-art UIS which incorporates the Echoscope® Real-Time 3D sonar.

The delivery included commissioning, Sea Acceptance Tests, and training on-board their survey vessel MV Houtvliet, which was all successfully complete by the end of January this year.

Data ICT Dienst, the RWS division who purchased the system, previously performed an extensive trial and evaluation of the high definition Echoscope® before making their final decision. Dealing mainly with inshore rivers and canals they now plan to put their new UIS™ to a diverse range of marine applications including lock and dam inspections and canal floor debris evaluation work.

Another critical application for RWS is to exploit the unique characteristics of the Echoscope® 3D sonar for performing minimum clearance investigations above shipwrecks sited around shipping channels. Unlike conventional sonars, the Echoscope® will hit very small targets, like protruding shipwreck masts or objects on the seafloor, with 20 or 30 more pings than any other multibeam sonar, giving thousands of returns at hundreds of different bearing angles. Whereas other sonars may remove these objects as noise, the Echoscope will clearly show them as targets and as such potential shipping hazards. Not only will this reduce running costs for RWS by minimising mechanical “bar-sweeping” above wrecks, it will provide them with added confidence and a repeatable solution for this necessary work scope.

Stephen Auld, Managing Director of CodaOctopus, commented, “We’re delighted that Rijkswaterstaat chose the Echoscope® for their marine inspection and survey work. Given the vast number of shipping channels, lock gates and canals that RWS have to deal with they had to be absolutely sure the system would perform to their exacting standards. After only a few days of operation they’re already finding new subsea objects which really does endorse and vindicate their purchasing decision. Thanks must also go to Nautikaris BV for their dedication and expertise, without which this could not have happened.”


Dredging Today Staff, March 6, 2012; Image: codaoctopus