Coda Octopus, Seatronics Ink Echoscope TAP(TM) Agreement (USA)

Coda Octopus, Seatronics Ink Echoscope TAP(TM) Agreement

During Oceanology International, Coda Octopus Products  and the world’s largest marine electronic equipment rental company, Seatronics, have signed an agreement with an initial investment worth over $1.5m to increase the number of Echoscope(R) systems available for rental worldwide through a joint Technology Access Program, (“TAP(TM)”).

TAP(TM) now means clients can contact any Coda Octopus or Seatronics base office directly to hire the real-time 3D sonar technology, the Echoscope(R), which is transforming applications from marine construction through to port security, dredging and decommissioning. Over and above access to revolutionary sonar technology, TAP(TM) also makes available a pool of trained operators who can deliver a host of service provisions to suit every client’s requirements.

Stephen Auld, Coda Octopus Products Limited, Managing Director, said, “This is a fantastic move forward for Coda Octopus. It makes our Echoscope(R) systems available on short or longer term rental. This will facilitate the use of Echoscope(R) for project-based work where the Echoscope may only be required for a short period or at short notice. We hope this will bring far more Echoscopes(R) into use in the market, and make them more familiar to potential customers. In addition, of course, it moves Coda Octopus Products into more service based offerings rather than remaining a pure product sales operation.”

About Coda Octopus Group, Inc.

Originally founded in 1994 as Coda Technologies, the Coda Octopus Group is now headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. The Group consists of a Marine Products business in Florida and Edinburgh, Scotland, and engineering businesses in Utah and Weymouth, England. Each of the Group companies are technology innovators with a particularly high level of sonar expertise. The Group has facilities in Florida, Utah, the UK and Norway.

Alongside providing custom engineering and development for defense applications, and oil and gas, companies, one of the Group’s key products is the Coda Echoscope(R) — the first real time 3D sub-sea sonar. The Echoscope(R) is also at the heart of the Underwater Inspection System(TM) which is being adopted for homeland security, and other applications in ports around the world. With this patented revolutionizing sub-sea visualization capability, and the existing systems integration skills within Colmek Systems Engineering, Inc and Martech Systems Engineering Ltd, the Coda Octopus Group believes they can become a world leading integrated sonar technology supplier.


Dredging Today Staff, March 14, 2012; Image: codaoctopus