Indonesia: Jakarta Governor Satisfied with Infrastructure Improvements

Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo stated that he has made many improvements concerning city development although these changes sometimes take time, everything is still done according to existing laws and regulations.

Everything is according to applicable regulations. While the sectors which become top priorities are education, healthcare, and infrastructures improvement,” said Fauzi.

He explained that some improvements are in conflict with existing regulations and therefore need to be adapted. He gives an example of one such improvement with 13 rivers dredging project: “Because the dredging must be done systematically, it needs huge amount of money so all the rivers can be dredged from upstream to downstream. It is still in tender process now. I’m trying to realize this program in 3.5 years”.

Fauzi believes that if adequate changes are made than the city will have a safe and comfortable atmosphere and its citiziens will increase their sense of belonging.


Dredging Today Staff, March 28, 2012;