Bangladesh: Mongla Port Development Hits Environmental Hurdle?

Plans to provide funds for the development of the Mongla seaport were withdrawn. Due to environmental reasons the Asian Development Bank (ADB) changed their plans to invest Tk 1.0 billion into the port.

From the total amount, Tk 800 million was planned for Mongla port while the rest Tk 400 million for Benapole land port, according to The Financial Express.

ADB delegation met with the Ministry of Shipping (MoS) and informed them that dredging and other necessary development works to make the port more efficient would be environmentally hazardous for the World Heritage Site, and that they are no longer interested in investing in the port.

However, they are showing interest in investing in the development of Beanpole and Burimari land ports. They will probably provide US$ 13 million for Beanpole port and $ 5.0 million for Burimari port.

Port Evolution Management Limited (Port-Evo), an agent of Singaporean port consultancy firm David Wignall Associates submitted a proposal to carry out necessary dredging to increase depth of rivers nearest to the Mongla port, set up a power plant to supply uninterrupted electricity for port activities, establish terminals, warehouse, cold storage, water treatment plant and an industrial zone in the area.

The government states that the Mongla port needs to be made practical so that all of its capacity could be used. Statistics show that up to 54 per cent of the port’s capacity is used each year, respectively.


Dredging Today Staff, April 3, 2012;