Maasvlakte 2 in 13 Episodes (The Netherlands)

Maasvlakte 2 in 13 Episodes

In 13 episodes of 20 minutes, the expansion of the port of Rotterdam will hit regional television this year.

Sebastiaan Labrie, well-known on Dutch TV as a survivor in Expeditie Robinson and most recently, a traveller in Panamericana Road Trip, presents the series.

He plays with giant cranes and sand and of course, he knows how to make his way into everything, on board of ships, on cranes and bulldozers.

Why should we be making that second Maasvlakte anyway,” he wonders.

About project:

The construction of the new port area, Maasvlakte 2, is part of the Rotterdam Mainport Development Project (PMR). The project also involves the nature compensation linked to the construction of Maasvlakte 2, the construction of a 750-hectare nature and recreation area, and the improvement of the Existing Rotterdam Area.

PMR is a cooperative venture between the central and regional governments and the Port of Rotterdam Authority.


Dredging Today Staff, April 26, 2012; Image: maasvlakte2