USA: Dredging Brings Benefits to Lake Beauclair

For decades, sediment flowed from Lake Apopka and accumulated into a thick chocolate-brown muck layer on the bottom of Lake Beauclair.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a $9.1 million dredging project on Lake Beauclair is clearing out a lot of that muck, making the water much more clearer.

It’s a good project that will restore the environment,” said Ron Mincey, project manager with Jahna Dredging Inc., the contractor. “I remember in the 1960s this lake was pristine, a beautiful clear water body.”

It’s the second large-scale lake dredging for the Lake County Water Authority, which dredged Lake Griffin in 2008. That project made a noticeable improvement in Griffin’s water quality, said Ron Hart, the water authority’s resources program manager.

The current dredging follows a similar plan, with the muck dredged out and pumped down to a former muck farm that is being changed back into wetlands.


Dredging Today Staff, May 29, 2012;